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Group research project in geometry for students

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From: Josh Britton
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Jun 17, 1999 at 14:06:38
Subject: Group research project in geometry for students

I would like to have my students do a significant project in my geometry project. I have surfed the net in search of a suitable project but found nothing that I really want. I am specifically looking for a complex, open-ended scenario which would require teams of students to do some research, come up with multiple possible solutions, choose a preferred solution, and describe implementation of that solution. I would like the scenario to be based on a real-world problem. The best I have found so far was at http://thayer.dartmouth.edu/~teps/materials.html where a project for designing cookie cutting dies was discussed. However, I do not have the resources needed for this project. Another possibility is a site that gave students various responsibilities for designing a parking center in Chicago. Though creative, this site, I thought, was short on specifics. Could you please suggest some sites, books or other resources? Thank you very much.

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