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From: Belina Galimidi <bgali001@fiu.edu>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Feb 13, 2006 at 09:43:34
Subject: Multiplication

About 6 years ago I was flipping the channels on the T.V. remote and I 
came across a program about teaching multiplication to older students.  
It used a method that I was not familiar with, but sounded very 
interesting.  The method used systematic steps and a 3x3 square, like a 
tic tac to grid.  The steps were slightly different for odd and even 
numbers, and it worked for all numbers, not just a trick for a certain 
number.  I remeber one of the steps being that if the number was even 
then you place a zero in the middle square, and if the number was odd you 
place a 5 in the middle square.  I'm very interrested in teaching this 
method to my ESE/inclusion math class.  If any one has any information of 
what the method is called and where I can find more information please e-
mail me at bgali001@fiu.edu.

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