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Web sites designed by teachers for their class

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 27, 1999 at 23:15:52
Subject: Re: Web sites designed by teachers for their class

I write such pages....but...they are not for high school. I am a middle school teacher. I started pages specifically for an eighth grade general math class but starting last year I changed to seventh grade. I realize that it won't serve your particular topic, but I thought I would share. 8th grade: http://mathforum.org/alejandre/workshops/unit14.html http://mathforum.org/alejandre/algfac.html 7th grade: http://www.rialto.k12.ca.us/frisbie/coyote/math/math.html There is a site in California called SCORE Mathematics and they have web lessons written by teachers specifically to use with their students. In fact, they can't get listed on the SCORE site unless they have been field tested. http://score.kings.k12.ca.us/lessons.html One that I like, in particular, was written by Eldred Marshall, an algebra and eighth grade teacher at my site. His lesson is here: http://score.kings.k12.ca.us/lessons/functions.html Then the other lessons that I know about which have been used by teachers include: http://mathforum.org/workshops/sum98/participants/sinclair/problem/intro.html http://www.crpc.rice.edu/CRPC/GT/sboone/Lessons/Titles/lphouse.html http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/Lessons/ Since many of those suggestions are authored by others, I'm sure that before you include any links to their pages, you will email them requesting permission. I hope that gives you a few ideas for your project. -Suzanne A., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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