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Remediation for a sixth grader in mathematics

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From: Judy K. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 06, 1999 at 20:21:59
Subject: Re: Remediation for a sixth grader in mathematics

Seventh graders need some important understandings that need to be developed
in order for them to succeed. They should have a good understanding of the
meaning of fractions and their decimal equivalents and, in turn, their
relationships to percents. This can be done visually as well as symbolically.
Proportional reasoning is very important. Of course, a seventh grader should
have a good command of their "number facts." Students should be able to read
problems and decide on the information given and how to solve the problem.

You can get many good application problems from the newspaper every day.
Geometric concepts are important and would be a good diversion from

If students have not done well in their sixth grade, they need to be motivated
to experience mathematical power. We do not want them to see themselves as
failure. Hopefully, you can find activities that teach in a motivating way and
give encouragement and success.

 -Judy K., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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