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Remembering meaning of "multiples" and "factors"

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From: Ralph (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 08, 2006 at 09:36:57
Subject: Re: Remembering meaning of "multiples" and "factors"

Hi Tracey, Thanks for writing to T2T. To be honest, I haven't thought about any "trick" for this before, so this is strictly "off the top of my head" [maybe other T2T associates will have a more "reasoned" answer for you! :) ] (F)actor: (F)ew ; (F)inite Every number has a (F)inite number of (F)actors (M)ultiple: (M)any, (M)any, (Many)--in fact as (M)any as you want, since multiples go on indefinitely. You can write as (M)any (M)ultiples as you choose for any number. It's a start, anyway--maybe you can massage it more, -Ralph, for the T2T service

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