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Who "invented" touch point math?

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From: Pat Ballew (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 25, 2006 at 04:03:04
Subject: Re: Who

>I vaguely remember meeting a person while I worked in a book and
>stationery store in Oregon, who began telling me about his concept for a
>new mathematical technique called Touch Point Math. Since then, I have
>seen this technique used over the years and am now an avid fan and
>teaching it to my own 3rd grade classroom. I would like to know if indeed
>the man I met in Oregon was the actual originator, and/or what that
>person's name is.

Not for sure who the man was.. or who invented the idea in any of its 
forms.. but a note on the web included a claim by one woman, Janet Bullock, 
to have invented it...
Here is the copy :

Innovative Learning Concepts: Over 30 Years of Turning Helplessness into 

Over 30 years ago, I hoped to find a better way to shepherd students through 
beginning math - for too many, a self-esteem-robbing ordeal. Then came an 
idea. I placed counting points on numbers to help slower students understand 
how a symbol represents a quantity. Months of classroom testing followed and 
so was born a new multi-sensory math; TouchMath. I had discovered a new way 
to teach children the critical transition from concrete to symbolic 

TouchMath has grown from a handful of activities to becoming a family of 56 
math kits and teaching aids. Today we present a supplemental curriculum to 
teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, story 
problems, time, money and fractions at many grade levels.

Our mission has evolved from a focus on children with learning disabilities, 
to programs for children of different aptitudes, learning styles, and 
cultures. You can find TouchMath in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

As different as they can be, children have one important thing in common: 
They want the right answer. They want to do their best. Our goal is not to 
disappoint them.
During the next twenty-nine years, we plan to help banish math anxiety 
worldwide; whether born of fear, lack of comprehension, or learning 
disability. Indeed, we believe hope can spring eternal.

TouchMath is unique, available only from Innovative Learning Concepts and, 
of course, unconditionally guaranteed to help your students succeed.

Thank you for your interest in TouchMath.

Janet Bullock
Innovative Learning Concepts, Inc.
Hope that helps.

 -Pat Ballew, for the T2T service

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