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How to teach in a "one-room schoolhouse"

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From: Michelle
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Sep 08, 2006 at 11:30:01
Subject: How to teach in a "one-room schoolhouse"

I am a special education teacher, and have previously worked as an 
intervention specialist, focusing on phonics and Orton-Gillingham.  I am 
currently teaching as a classroom teacher in a segregated school for 
children with emotional disturbances, teaching math and science.  
Although I'm comfortable with the setting and the content, the range of 
student math ability goes from late first grade to fifth grade.  These 
kids don't know subtraction, but some know some multiplication!  I have 
to fill a 3 hour block with math and science.  I can't do individual 
lessons for all of my students for 3 whole hours.  It would kill me and 
frustrate them, causing negative behaviors.  I'm currently teaching 
basics, like fact families.  HELP!  Do you have any suggestions?!?!?

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