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Typing software

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From: Carla Flaherty
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Sep 22, 2006 at 19:10:59
Subject: Typing software

I am very interested in finding software that will allow math work (from 
grades 4 through 12) to be typed on the computer. The software should NOT 
assist with solving, only with being able to type expressions, equations, 
tables, simple graphs (hand-drawn) and so on. We need this for students 
with fine motor difficulties!

I envision a graphics/notepad-sort of thing, with an optional grid, 
layered point and click symbol menu, graphics capability (erase, move, 
and so on), ability to draw lines (with snap, to make it more friendly) 
and zoom to make the current work larger and therefore easier to navigate 
physically (larger mouse movements.)  Software should NOT do any 
calculation, but should be friendly enough to learn comfortably at an 
early age and progress through high school.

I know this is not a simple programming task, but it MUST already exist 
somewhere. We really need this to help students whose math aptitude is 
good, but who are simply choked by their inability to write neatly, or in 
columns, and who focus SO HARD on these simple tasks that they don't have 
the thinking capacity left to learn the math concepts. 

Is anyone aware of such a product which doesn't attempt to SOLVE the 
equations for the student?  OR a product which does solve, but could be 
modified to use the typing capability only?  Thank you.

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