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Student-led closings

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From: Ralph (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 17, 2006 at 15:48:57
Subject: Re: Student-led closings

Dear Sondra, Thank you for writing to T2T. I have to admit to being rather surprised that the model you describe is being used for Kindergarten. I've seen it effectively employed in classrooms from Gr. 3 and up, but I can certainly see the challenges involved in trying to apply it at the Kindergarten level! The teachers I've seen employing a structure such as what you've described usually circulate and take notes during the work time, and then carefully "select" groups that have approached whatever task the class is working on in interesting ways to discuss/explain their approach in the closing--before this structure really can be productive, a lot of time needs to be taken establishing the classroom as a "community of learners", where, for example, no child's method/approach is "put down", students listen courteously, ask clarifying questions comfortably, etc. At the Kindergarten level, this is a HUGE task. You might find that only a few (if any) of your students are comfortable verbalizing their explanations, and that considerably more guidance/assistance will be needed from the teacher as the student explains what s/he did in solving the problem etc. In my humble opinion, it might be expecting too much to have "pure" student- led closings at that level. Good luck, and sorry I couldn't provide you with more help! -Ralph, for the T2T service

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