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How to discuss my son's need for more math instruction

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From: M. Lopez
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Jun 30, 2007 at 13:10:23
Subject: How to discuss my son's need for more math instruction

My question is: How do I approach & discuss my son's need for more/higher
math instruction at school? I certainly do not want to make unreasonable
requests but also feel that is not fair for him to 'stagnate' in his math
education. Do you have any ideas?

I would appreciate any ideas you would have to offer!

Some background:

Last year my son scored over a 95 on the math benchmark test at the very
beginning of the year, and then earned a perfect score on the same test
(TAKS here in Texas) at the end of the year. He (politely) complained to
me that the math content was too easy.  I had him tested for GT, and he
was accepted in his school's program but I was told they could only offer
additional material (not instruction).  He received one extra Sunshine
Math (grade 3) worksheet to work on every week. The worksheet was turned
in & returned graded with no review.  His elementary school does not
offer pull-out instruction, just additional work.

He is especially talented in math & science but struggles with spelling.
He also has (inattentive type) ADD & has been doing well w/medication.

In order accommodate his need for more instruction, I have been casually
tutoring him at home.  I try to keep it fun & interesting in order to
nurture his love for learning and to further strengthen his math talent.
We have also done some BASIC style programming this summer (which he has
really enjoyed).  I have offered him some 5th-6th grade problems in the
past & that seemed suitably challenging.

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