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basic math for blind teen-age learner

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 18, 2008 at 17:06:28
Subject: Re: basic math for blind teen-age learner

Dear Keri, Thank you for writing Teacher2Teacher and I'm so sorry that your note has waited for a response for this long. I'm afraid that none of the volunteer T2T Associates have experience with the situation you are in. I wonder if this site I found of the National Federation of the Blind: http://www.nfb.org/nfb/NABS.asp might be helpful. I see that they have a mailing list and it's possible that if you post to it, someone with experience might be able to provide some suggestions. Sincerely, Suzanne >My son is a self-motivated home-schooler and is blind. He uses Braille and >computer speach for written reading and language work and has used abacus >and computer math in the past, but not for years, and he hasn't done as >many of the math problems he should have. Now that he is adult, he is far >behind other kids his age and IQ. He wants to go to college in computer >science, which he is very gifted in, but is faced with the SAT to get in. >What curriculum could he use that is speech-accesable with a screen-reader >and that a teen with poor math skills would not find insulting? I also >need an idea of a spelling course as his work has been done on the computer >or in Braille up to now and his spelling skills are also poor. These two >courses need to be on-line courses geared for young, blind, adults. Thank >you for your suggestions. -Suzanne A., for the T2T service Thanks for visiting our on-line community. Visit Teacher2Teacher again at http://mathforum.org/t2t/ It is now possible to make a financial contribution to help The Math Forum. Please read more about this possibility: http://www.drexel.edu/ia/mathforum/.

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