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From: Shelia
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: May 15, 2008 at 09:16:23
Subject: Homeschooler

Hello, I homeschool my three children for now and I am hoping to send them
to school next year. My older son has had problems in math and I don't want
it to be the same for the younger ones. I am finding that maybe there was
something I missed in teaching him in the earlier grades or there was a
concept he did not quite get.

Is there a sequential order to teaching children math? Like before you learn
this you need to know this type of thing? I have searched the web everywhere
and I want to find which foundational block my son is missing. He is 13 years
old and should be doing 7th grade math. We are trying to get caught up but he
is still in 5th grade math.  He went to a school for a few years and when he
was in third grade we pulled the kids and tried homeschool. They were rushing
the children way too far. Now I am hoping I didn't make a mistake. Could
someone please help?

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