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math (set)

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From: Marielouise (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 27, 2010 at 21:47:19
Subject: Re: math (set)

Hi, Muhammad,

A subset of a set is a part of a set. For example, the integers are a subset
of the rational numbers.

A superset is a set that is union of two sets. For example, the positive
integers, the negative integers and zero are all individual sets with no
intersection.  When they are joined together, we call them the integers.

Proper and Improper are adjectives usually related to discussion of fractions.  
A proper fraction is one where the value of the numerator is less than the
value of the denominator; for example, 2/3.

An improper fractions is one where the value of the numerator is greater than
the value of the denominator, for example, 3/2.

I am not certain what you mean by "builder notation." I am not sure to what
you are referring.

Range and Domain are the names given to the two sets of numbers of a
function.  The range is the set of dependent variables and the domain is the
set of independent variables.  For example, for the rule that f(x) = 3x, x is
the domain variable that is freely chosen and f(x) which is y is the range of
variables that result from taking three times the independent variable.  We
say that the range and domain of a function f  is the set of all ordered
pairs (x, f(x)) = (x, y) that satisfy the functional rule.

You might try http://intermath.coe.uga.edu/dictnary/homepg.asp for help in
the future.

 -Marielouise, for the T2T service

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