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Customized Learning

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From: J Shepard
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Sep 05, 2012 at 18:12:48
Subject: Customized Learning

I am a high school teacher in Iowa, but was trained in Maine and have done
a lot of professional development on customized/personalized learning
there.  It is something that really intrigued me at the time and would now
like to implement in my classrooms. My school is not an established
customized learning environment, however, and there are not many other
resources for me in the area.  (If there are resources on the internet I
cannot find them!) What I am in search of is advice/suggestions/materials
from other teachers who have implemented these programs in their own math
classrooms.  I am aware of the benefits but just unsure of how to directly
begin so all practical responses would be much appreciated.  I know that
the setup and preplanning is key.  Some questions I have are: How much did
you require students to do and what guidelines did you put in place and
what were your initial conversations about it with students like?  For some
background: the classroom I want to start with is a general education
algebra class with 1-1 laptops.  Thank you for my help in making this a
success for my students.

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