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Homeschooling Math

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Oct 10, 1999 at 11:41:34
Subject: Re: Homeschooling Math

Claudia gave you some thoughts and suggestions but I thought I might add a note, too. My husband and I homeschooled our sons grades K-12. They are now both attending college. Our older son is a senior and our younger son is a sophomore and they are both doing well even though they had never attended a formal school before entering the university level. Strangely, my husband and I are now both public school teachers! I teach 7th grade mathematics and computers in California. Because of these experiences I feel very strongly about having students involved in interactive mathematics programs. I agree with Claudia that the Saxon program does not provide a rich enough experience for students. There are two Web sites that might provide some ideas for you. One is the Shodor Education Foundation site. To quote their description of one of their features: "The goals of Project Interactivate are the creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of authentic courseware for middle school mathematics explorations. "Interactivated" lessons, discussions, and activities enable the teacher to extend hands-on activities and to teach new content areas with professional competence and confidence, incorporating technology in appropriate ways." To get to their index page, look here: http://shodor.org/interactivate/piindex.html The other sites that you might find interesting are ones that I have written for my 7th grade students: http://www.rialto.k12.ca.us/frisbie/coyote/math/math.html and http://www.rialto.k12.ca.us/frisbie/math/7th.math.html I hope those give you some ideas. -Suzanne A., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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