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Teaching Philosophy

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To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Aug 13, 2017 at 22:43:49
Subject: Teaching Philosophy

Hello everyone, I am a teacher currently enrolled in a Masterís course in education. As part of an assignment I was asked to connect with an online professional community and inquire about your practice and how it pertains to conceptions of curriculum, educational philosophies, curricular designs, planning, instruction, and evaluation. I specifically want to know how decisions about curriculum and philosophy intersect with how you plan and assess your students. I have prepared a chart to help organize your thoughts on the topic. Source Educational Philosophy Curricular Design, Planning and Assessment Practice _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eternal Truths Idealism Subject Centered Humanism Socratic _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Society As It Is Realism Subject Centered Problem Centered Experience Centered _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Science Pragmatism Discipline Centered Problem Centered Experience Centered _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moral and Social Transformation Reconstructionism Romantic Radical Reconstructionist _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So if you believe you are preparing your students to address the real world as it is, then you are likely a realist and would develop instructional approaches and assessment activities that favour experiential learning, and a subject specific approach. How does your educational philosophy and approach to curriculum affect your planning and assessment practices? Thank you.

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