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Student ahead of the class

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From: Mary Lou (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 17, 1998 at 12:00:12
Subject: Re: Student ahead of the class

You do not mention at what grade or academic level the student is at present. If the student is always ahead, does that also mean that the student has learned the material? If the student is a quick learner, find some supplementary materials, not drill and practice, and assign extensions or projects that are on the same or different topic areas that require more involved work. Perhaps the teacher's text has these. If not, look in the Dale Seymour Publication catalog for various activities. How bright is the student? Is the student truly able to do above-grade-level work? Some children work independently in above-grade-level texts. It is not what I would advise, as very quick children need challenges, not just forward movement. Do you have a child in your class who needs additional help? Assign the quick student to be the other child's tutor, except when you are giving instruction. I have many favorite activities, especially in geometry. Write back if you are interested and tell me the grade and/or academic level of the child.

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