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Advancement during the school year

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From: Mary Lou (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 17, 1998 at 11:52:40
Subject: Re: Advancement during the school year

Looking at your concerns as a parent, I believe that you have made the proper approach to this problem. Looking at your concerns from the perspective of a teacher, it appears as though this teacher did not agree with the decision made about your child and is doing everything in his/her power to make this decision one that will not bring success. Continue to first ask the teacher. Try to keep your annoyance or anger out of the discussion. When your request fails to receive an answer go to the principal. If the situation continues go to a district person in charge of the curriculum. Who in the school authorized the change for your child? Has this person been involved since the decision was made? Keep a record of all of the times that you have engaged the teacher/principal in this request. For the good of the student, request that the student be allowed to keep the texts during the summer break. Either you or find a teacher who can assist you in covering the material. If the teacher continues to refuse your request for assignments, try to engage another parent whose child is in the same class to share with you their child's work. Find out the assignments from the other student's work. This is a difficult situation. Keep trying.

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