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Using the Internet in the classroom

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From: Rick (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 13, 1998 at 15:18:33
Subject: Re: Using the Internet in the classroom

Alex -

I too have been racking my brain on this topic. There are many interesting
sites on the Internet, the Math Forum being one of course, but the question
is: How can this be useful in the mathematics classroom?

I haven't come up with a lot of very good answers, but one way that seems
obvious to me is that of research. This only applies if you have a class or
course where you actually need to do research - which implies, to me anyway,
that to use theInternet in math, you need to be doing some projects, reports,
etc. that allow the students to search for information and examine the
resources they have available.

I have heard of other uses, but find that these seem to be considering the
idea that the important thing is using the Net instead of learning
mathematics. I find this somewhat unfulfilling and hard to justify, although
I am a Net junkie.

If you do indeed use it as a research tool, it becomes fairly easy to
schedule students on the few computers.

How do others use the Net? I can use some suggestions as well!


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