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Using the Internet in the classroom

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From: Dave (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 16, 1998 at 09:28:12
Subject: Re: Using the Internet in the classroom

Hello Alex, I appreciate your dilemma. Many teachers are suffering in similar situations or have even less. There are many things that can be attempted in your classroom. Let me see if I can list some ideas to help you. You can bring the Internet into the classroom through yourself. You can be the user, and convey what you find from the Internet to your students. For example, you can go to our Middle School Problem of the Week pages, get a weekly problem, and bring it back to your class, telling them where you got it. Maybe they have access at home. You can submit answers yourself or have some student volunteers submit answers outside of class time. The class could just keep track themselves by you providing the answer from the Internet when it's posted. http://mathforum.org/midpow/ Another way might be using the Internet for research on a math history topic that applies to the concept you are teaching them. Maybe in a class period have groups rotate every 5 minutes on the machines with set goals. Ex. Find one problem that was performed in the 1400's from this site. You could use this rotation scheme with extra help on the concept. Students can browse or search our Dr. Math archive. Maybe each group must find an entry in the archive dealing with factoring, and give them 10 minutes each. http://mathforum.org/dr.math/ Also, here is a book that might help you. <I>Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom</I> David A. Dockterman, Ed.D. Tom Snyder Productions Inc.

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