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Fractions: an egg carton activity

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From: robin wilson <juel26@hotmail.com> (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 27, 1998 at 21:44:28
Subject: Re: fractions

>From t2t_team@forum.swarthmore.edu Mon Apr 27 17:42:49 1998 >Received: (from http@localhost) by forum.swarthmore.edu (8.8.5/8.8.3) id UAA08630 for juel26@hotmail.com; Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:42:45 -0400 (EDT) >Path: epigone >From: Teacher2Teacher <t2t_team@forum.swarthmore.edu> >Subject: fractions >In-reply-to: <3wiqqdgwscxe@forum.swarthmore.edu> >Epigone-thread: grerzulpland >Date: 27 Apr 98 20:42:44 -0400 (EDT) >X-mailer: epigone >Message-ID: <1rauaentzwul@forum.swarthmore.edu> > >Robin...looks like I missed your deadline.... FYI don't do anything >you are not sure of just because you read an activity and it looked >good. Fruit & veggies are hard to work with "PUTTING BACK TO MAKE A >WHOLE"! > >Anyway.... I would have suggested egg cartons. Have them count the >number of parts and fill the holes with colored eggs (Good time of >year to get them cheap!) Anyway.... they can understand filling 2 out >of the 12..... we call this a fraction.... etc. The colored eggs >motivate the kids and you can teach them great things about fractions. >Get different sizes of egg cartons.Cut them in smaller pieces and do >the same thing. If I fill 6 down one side is that the same as fillin >6 on one end?????? > >sorry so late > thank you for the idea, even though it was late. I came up with a good enough project and it was well liked. I will, however, use this service again... Robin ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at <a href="http://www.hotmail.com">http://www.hotmail.com</a>

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