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K-2 Magical Math Days

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From: Suzanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 19, 1998 at 19:55:01
Subject: Re: K-2 Magical Math Days

Mary, I love your idea for "magical Math" day. Buttons sound like a terrific idea for little ones. Have you considered doing much with estimation skills? You might have some lines drawn straight or squiggly and ask them to estimate the number of buttons it would take to run the length of the line. You might also estimate the number it would take to fill a small container such as the size that 35mm film comes in. Something that might be more appealing to a small child would be toy teacups. Another way you could use estimation would be to have some containers and just ask if the number of buttons in the container is more than or less than a set number. Counting is another area that could be used with buttons. The students could count all the red buttons in a mixed set of buttons. They could work on which color has the most, least, or the same as another color. I like your idea of wearing tags and getting stamps. Could you make the tags look like a shirt or jacket and find a button stamp or sticker so that they could complete their garment? I think I have seen little stickers that look like buttons. I am sure the students will have a great time while they are learning and practicing math skills in a most magical way. I would love to hear how it goes for you. Good luck. Suzanne

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