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A calendar "Bulletin Board"

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From: Susan (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 14, 1998 at 21:43:23
Subject: Re: "The Bulletin Board"


What you are referring to is a series of lessons from a wonderful program 
called "Math Their Way" by Mary Barrata-Lorton. (I really hope I got her name 
right!) It has been around for many years (20+) and is used in many primary 

Often, the Bulletin Board activities are called "Calendar Time" because they 
originates around the calendar as a reference for the students. I'm sure that 
you could do a Web search a find more information on this program. 

Workshops are still taught for teachers to get training in Math Their Way (K-
2), and there is a program for grades 3-5 called Math Their Way of Thinking. I 
do not have any of my books home with me at the moment to give you information 
about publishers, etc. but I will try to find more out for you. Good luck!

 -Susan, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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