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Math Frustration, Puberty

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From: Hope
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Apr 06, 2000 at 14:37:30
Subject: Math Frustration, Puberty

Our fifth grade daughter is having difficulty in Math. The teacher does not have time to give one on one. When we help her at home, there is frustration, because of her mood swings from pre-puberty changes. It turns into a tug of war. Plus there are math issues that we as the parents may not understand how it is taught in class now-a-days. She will lean too much on our guidance of teaching math at home, and not want to think it out herself. I have an 8th grader friend tutoring her once a week, but I am not sure if it follows what is taught in school. The teacher seems to think I am bugging him a lot about it, and does not respond to inquiries lately. I have looked into tutoring and it costs big bucks! Are there any other ideas that I have forgotten to look at? I would hate to have her slip away with Math, but there is a struggle when I as a parent teach her.

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