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Teaching math in Africa

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From: Steve Lianoglou
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Apr 07, 2000 at 12:35:37
Subject: Teaching math in Africa


This may seem like an odd and (I'm sure) very hefty question.
I guess telling you a bit about myself is appropriate ...
I'm about to graduate college with a BS in Computer Science and am in the
middle/end of the process of applying to the Peace Corps to teach math in
Africa ...
I am extremely excited to get this opportunity, but am also a bit nervous
because I'm not such a stellar math student and I don't want to short-change
my potential students by teaching math in a way that results in a "plug and
chug" (formulas) attitude towards math ...

I just stumbled on your web site doing work for another class and love it ...
I feel like all this is good stuff and would like to be able to somehow use it
towards whatever math I'm teaching (secondary school, most likely) to get the
students excited to learn and apply math ... however, I'm not sure what kind
of access I would have to the internet when I'm over in Africa and am
wondering if there is any way I can get some kind of 'archive' of "math-info"
(for lack of a better word) that would help me cover most of my bases ...

I know this is a hefty thing to ask for (I'm not even sure what I know what
I'm asking), but I guess I'm just looking for a good place to start from folks
who obviously are looking at math from the right perspective.

Thanks for any help/info y'all can give me,

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