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Dividing by zero

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From: Gail (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 11, 2000 at 06:22:04
Subject: Re: Dividing by zero

Well, it is way past 2pm, and I am an elementary teacher, so I won't comment on the "null set" portion of the question, but I do want to add what I tell my students about division by 0. I usually encounter it when we are first dealing with fractions (I teach 5th grade). If student suggests it, I ask the class to draw a picture of the fraction. They are able to draw other fractions like 1/2 , 3/5 or even 6/1 by drawing a shape, subdividing it into equal pieces according to the denominator and shading the amount the numerator shows, but when they try to draw 2/0, for example, there is no way to draw a shape and then divide it into "zero" pieces. The least number of pieces they can show is "one" piece. If they erase the line, then they have no shape anymore. I remember a high school algebra teacher sharing this with my class one day, so it must have made an impression. :-) just my 2cents worth! -Gail, for the Teacher2Teacher service Visit us again at http://mathforum.com/t2t/

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