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Coordinate proofs

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 15, 2000 at 10:17:10
Subject: Re: Coordinate proofs

You do have your hands full!  Do you have a copy of Discovering Geometry?
published by Key Curriculum Press.  There are some excellent "hands-on"
kinds of investigations with coordinate proofs.  Do you have access to the
Geometer Sketchpad??? There are also some wonderful practice lessons and
explorations that support the software.

Regarding a take home test........ Here are a few ideas that might help your
time crunch.

1) Students can learn a few things as they do the "take home" test, so you
don't have to go over everything ahead of time.

2) Make some items fairly easy, so that if/when students complain, they get
to see that there were a variety of items.

3) I usually like to have at least two really challenging items so I can
tell who got help and anticipate what kind of help that might be.  I ask
them not to consult other people, only books and other written material, but
we all know how far that goes! So, I can tell on the more difficult ideas
which students "discussed in depth" the items because of how their answers
are presented in similar fashions.

4) I always have multiple parts to questions. You don't want items where
they can just fill in a blank. In this case, you probably want drawings of
graphs. Have them explain what they did on a couple of the items.

Hope this helps...... good luck!

 -Claudia, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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