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Interviewing questions

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From: Gail (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 08, 2000 at 06:23:42
Subject: Re: Interviewing questions

I really like Pat's "content-focused" questions. I would be inclined to wonder about the instructional and management skills. Perhaps these are too elementary for what you are doing. I am an elementary teacher, and these are the sorts of questions we ask during interviews. You might think about asking something like, "if I were to walk into your classroom at the beginning/middle/end of your class period, what could I expect to see? Would the activity be the same for each of the times, or different? How does your instruction take into account the individual differences of your students? If I were to just listen to one of your classes, what voices should I expect to hear, in what proportions? How do you manage the instructional environment (handle discipline... motivate... etc.) How do you evaluate and document student learning? How do you assess your students and your own instruction? -Gail, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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