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Single-gendered classes

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From: Marielouise (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jun 22, 2000 at 21:59:20
Subject: Re: Single-gendered classes

Thanks for writing back, Shawn. I shall try to answer your questions in the best way possible. I not only attended single gender classes but also a single gender school. Boys were neither a distraction nor an attraction! #1. In high school I felt that it was a wonderful experience. It was at this time that I was really coming to know the subject. I had a marvelous teacher and many other students who were very talented. In college it was not so wonderful. I didn't have the necessary competition due to very few women being interested in mathematics. At that time there were not too many places for women to use their knowledge outside of education. The computer industry was just starting up and several other students did find themselves in that area. #2. I can expand on the above answer. In high school I did not feel at all inhibited. In college I just was not challenged. #3. I think that single gender high schools are excellent situations for females who are gifted or in science as the social inhibitions are not present. In high school girls frequently do not excell because they are afraid of not having boy friends. They also do not wish to risk being wrong or being teased and hence are not participants. This is not true of all girls but it is true of the majority. By college age, the gifted females need to study with the gifted males. I encourage you to contact Gina. She will give you a different perspective. -Marielouise, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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