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Age 7 in 5th grade

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From: Debra Beavor
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Jun 20, 2000 at 10:48:19
Subject: age 7 in 5th grade

I have a son that is only 7 years old. When he was reading and writing at the age of 3 I went ahead and placed him in school a month befor he turned 5. By the end of that year he had not only finished kindergarten but 1st and 2nd grades as well. I didn't like the idea of a 5 year old going into 3rd grade so I help him back. It was the worse year of his little life. He hated school! Misbehaved continously! When he scored 5th grade on the standards Nine tests I wasn't surprised. The third year (This past year) in school I placed him in 2nd grade (Age 6). By the end of the school year he graduated 4th and had been taking sever 5th and 6th grade classes int he school that he is in. The school is going to place him in the 5th/6th grade the next year. He is only 7 years old and at times still acts like a 7 year old. Most of the time that is not the case but there are times. I teach him at home because he says the school work is too easy. I am not a college graduate and am presently try to take classes that keep me above him. The teachers don't seem to know how to teach him. He says that he doesn't understand how to do the things that they try to teach him. He now tells them let me take it home and have my mom show me how. I know the way he thinks and if you tell him this is how you do it. That will be the only way he will do it. He takes everything so literal that you have to be carefull what and how you explain things to him. I am not sure that the 5th grade is a good idea, but every year I try to hold him back and he excells so far the the teachers can't keep up with him. If he gets bored he starts talking and is disruptive to the class. He starts hating going to school and it is difficult to get him to do his work. What can I do to keep him interested in school but at the same time make sure that he has connections with his own age kids. At this point he doesn't play with any children his age the youngest person he plays with is 9. The kids in his class think he is too young and the kids his age don't understand him. He has started to get poor scores on some assignments just so the kids wont tease him about being so smart. They call him a freak and things like that. He wants to learn and loves to try new projects. He is in a private school that has multiage classes but is still the youngest in hes class by at least 2 years. He is doing math from the math book I got from the local college book store. He says that it is easy. He reaads music and sings with the likes of Neal McCoy on stage in concert. He is an actor and loves playing with his telescope amd microscope. I can hardly get him to go outside. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I let him move as fast as he wants? Should I keep him back in elementary school? I an torn between knowing he is gifted and want a normal life for him. Sincerely, Debra Beavor

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