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Connecting hands-on and technology for remedial math

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 06, 2000 at 00:41:50
Subject: Re: Connecting hands-on and technology for remedial math

Dear Carol, Oh, my, if there is such a thing I would love to see it, too! I have been a middle school mathematics teacher for quite a while and recently I have been developing activities that have 3 components including a technological presentation, a hands-on presentation and a paper/pencil (standardized test simulation) presentation. I agree that this is the way to reach students who have problems in mathematics BUT also it is the way to reach all students! It is a very rich mathematical experience. I must admit, though, that I have not yet run across any prepared or available materials! I wrote all of mine but they are for 7th graders and not the ages that you mention. :( I actually think that it is the computer program that is the most difficult to find because it should be something where the computer is a tool in working through the mathematics. To give you an example of the type of lessons that I think work this was, there is this one I called Traffic Jam which is on the Web here: http://mathforum.org/alejandre/frisbie/jam.html Perhaps another T2T Associate with elementary experience will have more information for you. -Suzanne A., for the Teacher2Teacher service

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