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Saxon Algebra 1 (volume or prisms)

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 03, 2000 at 12:29:57
Subject: Re: Saxon Algebra 1 (volume or prisms)

Hi Margie, I donít know which edition of the book you are using. I looked in the third edition of Saxon Algebra 1 and couldnít find the discrepancy that you are referring to. This is how they have defined the terms you are mentioning in your question: Altitude of a Prism is: A perpendicular segments joining the planes of the bases. Height of the Prism: The length of the altitude is the height of the prism. Lateral Surface Area (the area of all external surfaces except the bases) of a Prism is calculated: Perimeter of the base times the height of the prism. Total Surface Area (total area of all exposed surfaces of the geometric solid): Lateral surface area plus the area of the two bases. Volume (number of cubic units contained in it) of a Prism: Area of the base times the height of the prism. Right Prism is defined as a prism whose lateral edges are at right angles to the bases. They also mention that the lateral edges in a right prism are also altitudes. Lots of big words used for simple ideas. Make sure you understand the difference between "Lateral Surface Area", "Total Surface Area" and "Volume". Please write back if I didnít answer your question. -Roya Salehi, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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