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Math in everyday living

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From: Jackie (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 09, 2000 at 20:33:00
Subject: Re: Math in everyday living

I haven't ever used this program, but I came across this description today while searching for something else. It seemed to relate to what you are asking for so I thought I'd pass it along. Source: Educational Activities, Inc. 1937 Grand Avenue Baldwin, NY 11510 Telephone: (516) 223-4666 Toll-free no.: (800) 645-3739 Fax: (516) 623-9282 Title: Math for Everyday Living This software can be used for: Drill and practice; Standard instruction; Tutorial 1 Software package: Order no.: DK-158D1M $129.00 Note: Contact publisher for additional package information. This software package gives students the opportunity to practice using basic mathematics through simulations of everyday activities, such as paying for a meal or working with sales slips. Designed for students in developmental math and remedial math, as well as for secondary and basic education students who have a reading level of grades 4-6, the software targets the development of consumer mathematics and business skills. The simulation activities change to specific tutorials if students cannot complete the problem correctly in a given number of attempts. These tutorials guide students step by step through correct problem-solving procedures. A typical lesson begins by displaying an item students might encounter in everyday life, such as a pay stub. Using these objects, students gain practical experience and skills such as calculating gross pay. Topics include unit pricing, which covers beginning multiplication, and sales tax, which gives students the opportunity to work with percents. In another lesson, students learn advanced multiplication through the simulation of finding a job. The program gives students the chance to work with time, determine how to save on transportation costs, and calculate net pay. Students are expected to work out their answers with paper and pencil before entering them into the computer. A management system is provided to track student performance. The manual includes ten reproducible activity masters to reinforce concepts, a pretest and a posttest for diagnostic evaluation, and answer key for the activities and tests. (Author/ GMM) System Requirements: Macintosh: at least 2MB RAM available; color monitor -Jackie , for the Teacher2Teacher service

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