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Middle school geometry activity

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From: Rita (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 15, 2000 at 14:18:58
Subject: Re: Middle school geometry activity

Hi Keith. Some ideas that might be helpful and I have used in my middle school classes. Be consistant in your direction and scale for each hole. Most golf courses are designed from the top view, as are most building, subdivision, etc. layouts. I would start with a Putt-Putt course because your students may not be experienced enough with the real thing to come up with anything but rectangular holes. Each person designs a hole that must have a certain area for the putting surface, but must incorporate 3 different shapes and one obstacle. Beyond this they apply creativity and a scale the class decides on. Use grid paper to design these. Now comes the fun math part. Students cut out their designs and try to layout holes with a group of 9 students. Each group is only given a set real life space to work with (Such as the classroom). They have to figure the scale with their models and a way to make them all fit logically. You can change the space a second time or also include room for paths, a clubhouse, snack bar, etc. Each group will present their course, decorate their holes realistically, set par for each hole, and explain their actual dimensions of each hole just like they would have to do for a builder. This might be a fun thing to involve the PTA in actually building for the students to use. My students had a good time doing a similar project when our district okayed funds to develop the field behind our school into a recreation area for students. We presented our ideas to the Superintendent and School Board right down to the last picnic table, goal post, and basketball net. It was interesting and real to them. Good Luck. -Rita, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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