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Action research in the classroom

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From: Jeanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 26, 2000 at 16:25:31
Subject: Re: Action research in the classroom

Hello Heidi,

Yes, I have used action research in my classroom and I know of many other
teachers (K - 12) in my area who have also used it in their classrooms.  We,
however, call it "teacher research."

I looked into two areas:  (1)  teaching students in a general math level
class how to solve linear equations (ex. 3x + 1 = -10 and 5 - 3(2x - 2) = 5x)
using manipulatives, and (2) the effects of using manipulatives to help
students write proofs in geometry.

A key component of my research was the reflection I had to do to record my
thoughts, observations, discoveries, and so forth in my journal. I found
myself "watching myself teach my students." I started listening to my
students' responses more closely than ever before. I found myself doing more
and more informal assessment of what was going on with my students and
adjusting my teaching to meet their needs so that we could meet my teaching
objectives more effectively.

My students taught me a great deal about being a better teacher for them.

So yes, it did (and will continue) to improve my teaching. If you'd like to
talk about more specifics, please write back.

 -Jeanne, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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