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Action research in the classroom

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From: Jeanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 03, 2000 at 14:11:11
Subject: Re: Action research in the classroom

Hello Heidi, Let me give you a little background information before I answer your questions. I participated in a teacher research group brought together by the CRESS Center (Cooperative Research & Extension Services for Schools) at the University of California, Davis. I copied the web page that has their contact information below. http://education.ucdavis.edu/cress/contact.html Here is their sitemap so you can click on the Teacher Research part of CRESS. http://education.ucdavis.edu/cress/sitemap.html If you want copies of the publications... http://education.ucdavis.edu/cress/projects/satellites/request.html I don't know which volume my article is in or if they'd even have a copy left. Sorry. My official participation in TR was a long time ago. Now for answers to your questions... My research was a personal one. I wanted to focus on one piece of my teaching in one class. None of the other members of my department were involved. They were aware because of conversations but that was all. I am a high school teacher. My assignment varies slightly from year to year. I have taught courses as low as general math and as high as AP Calculus. Sharing with others? Yes. One of my articles was published in the CRESS Center's publication "Translation, Rotation, and Reflection: Mathematics Teachers and Research." I talk about it when the opportunity arises--I am talking to you... :o). More research? Unofficial?--all the time. Official, as in publishing or presenting a paper?--Possibly. Hope this helps. -Jeanne, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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