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How do you make a ruler?

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From: Jenny (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Aug 22, 2000 at 15:32:32
Subject: Re: How do you make a ruler?

You can make a pretty accurate ruler using a piece of paper and folding it. To start with, you want to determine the length of your unit. A piece of paper about post-it note size works well. The unit length is the length of the paper. Now fold the paper in half - now you have your half-mark. Folding in half again gives you the quarter marks and once more gives the eighths marks. The more accurate and cleaner the folds are, the better the divisions will be. Now, students take their units and transfer this to the piece of paper for the ruler. You can have your students fold the paper in half the long way to get a thicker ruler. They line up the left-hand sides of the ruler paper and the folded paper, then mark the divisions on the ruler paper. Then continue for however many units the paper can hold. I like students to first mark the units, before we do any folding. Then I have them do the first fold and mark the halves. We then do the next fold and mark the quarters. It seems to help them to gain a better understanding of what the markings on the ruler mean. Hope this helps! -Jenny, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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