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Software for algebra and geometry

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From: Murrel (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 20, 2000 at 21:23:02
Subject: Re: Software for algebra and geometry

I taught the applied geometry classes last year (struggling students) and used Geometer's Sketchpad with them. This is a dynamic geometry program in which students investigate geometric concepts. There is a book of investigations, "Exploring Geometry with Geometer's Sketchpad" that takes the guesswork out of getting started with students. It takes them some time to get used to the fact that they have to read and follow directions and it works best when they are in pairs. One is the reader and the other is the operator. Both are involved and they must learn to "talk geometry" in order to understand each other. They are very used to being told what to think, so another challenge is to help them learn to make conjectures, but the "light bulbs" that go on as a result of being actively involved and really thinking are exciting to behold! If you decide to try the program and have further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know! Good luck! -Murrel, for the T2T service

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