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Christmas Around the World

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From: Jeanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 14, 2000 at 00:33:40
Subject: Re: Christmas Around the World

I typed in the term "Christmas" in the Math Forum's search engine
(http://mathforum.org/grepform.html) and was rewarded with the following

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Ask Dr. Math: Who Made Which Toys?

From the Middle School Problems of the Week:
Who Made Santa's Sleigh

After the Twelve Days of Christmas

Plan the Best Route for a Shopping Trip

Martian Holiday

And here are some thoughts of my own...

Why not have the students take a recipe or two or three for making cookies,
for example, have them compute how much of the ingredients are necessary to
make enough cookies so that each child in your class has two (of each
kind)?  How much time will it take to make all of these cookies?  Lots of
opportunities to practice multiplying fractions, solving proportions,

Origami is rich in opportunities to practice measurement and to do some hands
on geometry.  There are many books available in the bookstores on making
origami Christmas ornaments.  My favorite three dimensional shapes to make
is the cube, the stellated octahedron and the stellated icosahedron.  The
last two are stars. There are several sources which give instructions.
My favorite resource book is "Unfolding Mathematics with Unit Origami."

I like to teach my students how to make origami boxes.  I use these boxes to
teach/review surface area and volume.  One of the books I use is "Origami
Boxes" by Tomoko Fuse.

Hope this helps.

 -Jeanne, for the T2T service

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