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HS math homework completion

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From: Kimberley (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Feb 05, 2001 at 17:25:14
Subject: Re: HS math homework completion

I agree with Suzanne that the homework given must be appropriate to what is being studied. Fitting it in with research for a project being done in class is a great way to do this. Here are some ideas I have used as a high school teacher: I promise students on the first day of school that they will have an assignment every day until June ___ (whatever day we get out of school). It is a promise I keep, which sometimes means making adjustments when a lesson doesn't go well or something else interferes. This way students can't say "I didn't remember we had homework", because they always do. Homework might be an investigation, or part of one, which is needed in class the next day. Each member of the group receives a different part. So that the group can be successful the next day, every member needs to do his share. During the first semester of their freshmen year, my students have a 3:25 club (the time we get out of school each day). If a homework assignment is not done when the student comes to class it meant they either didn't understand it or didn't have enough time. I provide the time and the help at 3:25. We do the next day's assignment, not the one we just went over in class. I allow some leeway on this. Bus students cannot always stay, so they can come in before school when their bus arrives. It has to be student time, though, to make this work. If a student misses too many "3:25 Clubs", I find additional time for them in our detention program, called Saturday School. This is all done with the approval of the administration and all parents received a letter about it when I started. Generally it works to run it from about the 5th to 15th of school. After that time, those that will do their homework have learned to. There are a few who never seem to catch on. Another colleague never gives homework. He gives assignments and allows time in class to work on them. Any assignment which doesn't get done in class has to be completed at home. -Kimberley, for the T2T service

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