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HS math homework completion

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From: Jenny (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Feb 05, 2001 at 17:53:15
Subject: Re: HS math homework completion

Action I would agree with Suzanne and Kimberly's replies. I find for my at risk students, however, that many of them simply do not have time to do homework. They work from when school is out until late at night, come home and crash. Homework is way down on their priority list. For my freshmen students who are not working, the problem seems more that they don't understand that there are negative consequences for not doing their work. High school is the first time that something bad happens when they fail a class and it takes a semester for them to clue into that, regardless of what I said to them. This semester many more students are turning in homework. Last semester, I called and/or e-mailed parents of students who habitually did not turn in homework, as well as telling my students. They all have an assignment sheet and I make them calculate their homework grade weekly so they see the affect of not turning in work. By the way, I don't call it homework - everything is an assignment and it's either completed in class or out of class. That way they know they're expected to work on it in class but I also expect it to be completed if they don't get it finished. -Jenny, for the T2T service

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