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Teacher survey

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From: Ron (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Feb 12, 2001 at 20:41:13
Subject: Re: Teacher survey

>I need to find out from some high school math teachers what standards you >use in choosing your curriculum, where you get your standards, do all the >math teachers at your school use the same standards, and are the students >grades based on the standards? Also, do you consult with other teachers in >the school when deciding what to teach and what tests to give? Please >reply to Lisa Lasseter at Terrlass@cs.com as soon as possible. Thanks! Hi Lisa: I live in Toronto, (province/state Ontario - Canada) but I don't think our situation is unique. We do not choose the curriculum - the provincial/state government dictates the curriculum. There are province/state wide exams (grade 3, grade 6, grade 9 grade 12(?)) on the material. The curriculum can be added to but most schools (especially in Grade 9 - 12) find that they have difficulty in covering all the material never mind adding to it. What some teachers do: In our school, the head of the department (with the consultation of other staff) prepares a course outline and students write a common mid-term and end- of-term (final) exam that is common for all classes. The department states what topics will be taught but does not mandate how they will be taught (thank goodness!). Out of common courtesy, all teacher-set class tests are given to other teachers of that grade and level. Individual teachers (in theory) have input into the development of the curriculum as draft copies are circulated (very few teachers do this). The "final" version of the curriculum is made available a year or two before it is implimented for further input (again very few teachers do this). What a lot of teachers do: In our province/state, the textbook authors dictate what is taught, how it is taught, in what sequence it is taught and what type of questions are used in testing. In summary: We have a standard curriculum courtesy of the government that is based on the NCTM Standards but most teachers rely on the textbook's "Standards". Hope this answers your question. Cheers. -Ron, for the T2T service Thanks for visiting our on-line community. Visit Teacher2Teacher again at http://mathforum.com/t2t/

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