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Math Teacher Exchange in WA Au to USA coast

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From: Monique Flickinger <mflickinger@mail.ptsd.wednet.edu>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Feb 26, 2001 at 17:26:54
Subject: Math Teacher Exchange in WA Au to USA coast

I am a high school math teacher in Port Townsend, Washington, USA.  I am 
interested in doing a teaching exchange with another teacher in Western 
Australia in January 2004.  I have a BA in math,  a K-12 teaching 
certificate, fluent in American Sign Language, conversational in Spanish, MA 
in Leadership Studies, am licensed as a principal and superintendent, 
excellent computer abilities.
You can view my family at www.printery.com/flickinger and there is a direct 
link from my website to our town so that you can see our beautiful 
Victorian Seaport of 10,000 that we live in. My husband lived in the Perth 
area for two years and I would like to see it. We would be bringing our two 
children aged 9 and 7.  We have a nice 3 bedroom home with a view of 
the ocean, the beach is one block away, and we have a pool in our clubhouse 
and a sail boat in the marina.  Car exchange would be optional. Our town is 
very artsy - artisans from around the country end up gathering here.  
Please email me for full details - I will be happy to converse with anyone.  
I think that our Rotary group here would help pay your airline tickets 
although they won't cover mine.  We have brought several Aussie exchange 
students into our school and I know that they are interested in having a 
I was raised in Canada and in fact am much more comfortable in the metric 
system than the American standard one.  I teach mostly grade 9 and 10 in a 
school of about 600 students -98% white middle-upperclass.

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