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2nd semester Calculus

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From: Claudia (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Mar 27, 2001 at 11:50:59
Subject: Re: 2nd semester Calculus


 By the time my students get to L'Hopital's Rule, they usually appreciate
the quickness and are not in need of a proof.  I go back to the earlier
limit problems they struggled with, using the factoring and other
techniques. The students are anxious to use L'Hopital's Rule after that!
What I find is having to work with them on understanding the different
indeterminant forms.  For example 1 to the infinity.  The students have a
difficult time understanding that the one there does not represent an exact
one....that it is usually part of a piece of something like the basic
definition of e has the extra piece. What is nice is that finally you can
show why  lim as n approaches inf for (1+1/n)^n is e.
  Just a few thoughts.......
 -Claudia, for the T2T service

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