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Cognitively guided instruction

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From: Luisa <louselas@net.sapo.pt>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Mar 27, 2001 at 15:10:50
Subject: Knowledge

Here I am again.
I hope to be clearer in than intend.
I am to develop a chapter in my disertação dedicated to the teacher's
 This chapter divided it in two parts: One that speaks in the faiths and
the teacher's conceptions. Here phallus in authors Thompson, Kaplan,
Perteson, Femena, Larpenter and Loef.

The other chapter refers to the teacher's professional knowledge where I
will approach: Subject matter knowledge and Pedagogical content knowledge.
Here I mention authors Ball Grossman and Shulman.

The one that I intended was some references to these authors or some
comments of somebody that was already devoted on the subject. Finally any
type of help to pick up more information.

Once again thank you.

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