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Sequence for Alg II and Geometry

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From: Joshua (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 02, 2001 at 04:10:30
Subject: Re: Sequence for Alg II and Geometry

Hi Karen!
I've taught at schools that do it in just about every combination, including 
integrated curricula that intermingle the algebra and geometry in various 

I agree with you that the algebra skills do develop more strongly when you 
have two years of algebra back-to-back.  However, it's been my experience 
that the intervening year of geometry tends to make the algebra skills pretty 
rusty.  Only a few of the most fundamental skills (solving simple equations, 
maybe solving quadratics, graphing lines, solving systems of two linear 
equations) have any chance of getting reinforced in the geometry course.

The students coming into Pre-calculus straight out of Algebra II seem to have 
the algebra skills fresher in their minds, so they're more ready to continue 
into all the fancy graphing techniques they need to learn.

On the other hand, the geometry courses I've taught have all included at 
least a little trigonometry near the end of the year, and it might be nice to 
have that experience immediately before moving onto the precalculus-with-trig 

As you can tell, I have no clear opinion on which is better, but I hope my 
maundering have given you some ideas of the plusses and minuses of each plan!

 -Joshua, for the T2T service

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