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From: Ron (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 05, 2001 at 07:39:42
Subject: Re: Polyhedra

Hi Allison: There is a wealth of material about Polyhedra on the web. May I suggest that you start with Suzanne Alejandre's Polyhedra in the Classroom workshop which can be found at: Polyhedra in the Classroom: http://mathforum.org/alejandre/workshops/unit14.html Take the time to check all the information and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. George Hart's page provides excellent visuals - scroll to the techniques section: http://www.georgehart.com/virtual-polyhedra/paper-models.html Excellent pictures can be found at: http://www.teleport.com/~tpgettys/poly.shtml and an article on construction techniques can be found at: http://www.teleport.com/~tpgettys/tech.shtml Animations can be found at: http://www.cms.wisc.edu/~cvg/course/491/modules/polyhedra/intro.shtml Paper Models can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/5901/indexe.html From the math forum - summer institute: http://mathforum.org/sum95/math_and/poly/polyhedra.html Intro to basic math properties of polyhedra can be found at: http://daisy.uwaterloo.ca/~hqle/Polyhedra/polyhedra_main.html Hope the above are of some help. Cheers. -Ron, for the T2T service

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