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Salary and credential requirement of math teachers

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From: Ron (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 10, 2001 at 06:08:29
Subject: Re: Salary and credential requirement of math teachers


There is no standard answer but I've broken my answer into two parts. The
first is a direct answer (which is of little value) and the second is a more
realistic picture IMHO.

First Answer:
The salary depends on a number of factors and a more accurate answer might be
obtained by asking a teacher in your particular region.
The basic qualification is a university degree and a degree (or certificate)
from a faculty of education.
You need a minimum of 4 years at a university.

Second Answer:
The salary does not compensate you for the effort one puts into teaching. Many
extra hours (beyond the classroom) are involved in teaching - preparation,
professional development, coaching, extra help, mentoring clubs etc.
On the other hand, the satisfaction that comes from seeing a student
understand, or becoming a better person cannot be measured in dollars. I
really appreciate (and live on) a sincere "Thanks".

The only real qualification is a love of young people. If you enter the
profession as a means of employment you will have a short teaching career.

My education as a teacher has never stopped. I have learnt, am learning and
will learn from every class (and student) I work with. This is the joy of

Sorry if the above doesn't directly answer your question but there is no easy
answer. Teaching is not a job, it is an adventure and you get out of it
whatever you wish to put into it.

 -Ron, for the T2T service

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