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Customary measurement

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From: Suzanne A. (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 11, 2001 at 10:55:19
Subject: Re: Customary measurement

Dear Zack, I found a nice site that has a variety of lesson plans and activities on measurement. I wasn't sure what grade level you are looking for and so here is the page that links to those different measurement lessons organized by grade level: Web-Linked mat lesson plans: http://www.mmhschool.com/teach/math/ma-wla.html If you go to one of the measurement lessons and then go to the "Teacher Answer Key" there are many examples of customary measurement word problems. For example, at Grade 5 if you go here: http://www.mmhschool.com/teach/math/grade5/mwl57.html and then here: http://www.mmhschool.com/teach/math/grade5/mwl57-3t.html and scroll down the page a little, you will find things like: "1. How many ounces does a Radio Flyer Wagon weigh?" I found a different site called EdHelper.com. They generate worksheets and they have a page on Measurement here: http://www.edhelper.com/measurement.htm If you choose "English System Word Problems" you can print out a worksheet with word problems on the topic of measurement. I hope this helps. -Suzanne A., for the T2T service

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