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Simple functions and number machines

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From: Ron (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Apr 11, 2001 at 16:23:14
Subject: Re: Simple functions number machines

Hi Gail:

Take a look at this wonderful resource from the Shodor organization. The URL 

Linear Function Machine

It is about a linear function machine. Click on the What, How and Why buttons 
to get started.

Basically enter a value for "X", click "enter", and get a "Y" value.
The student then can try to come up with the linear function formula that 
generated this output for a particular input.
The student can also hit the "graph it" button to see the function.

The What button explains the activity. The How button tells you how to use 
this activity and the Why button provides curriculum content and resources.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you can look at extensive teacher 

Hope this is what you are looking form

 -Ron, for the T2T service

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